About us


Saviukumaja OÜ was founded in 2006 and is a company that produces natural building materials whose roots range from generation to generation. The earth building wisdom from grandfather to father and 40 years of plastering experience from father to son have created extensive and thorough knowledge of both clay and lime.
In the early years, Saviukumaja was engaged in construction services and plastering work, but also in the production of materials and consulting. Today we focus on the production, development, and sale of high-quality clay and lime plasters and other building mixes and materials.

The quality of our products has been checked in a laboratory in Berlin, Germany. Both clay and lime products have been tested and approved.

The clay products we offer Base layer, finishing, and final finishing plasters but also Stucco, inspired by Japanese plaster technology, which is also suitable for finishing floors all of which have been tested according to DIN 18947:2013-08
According to the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), they are among the highest quality plasters. Our products are 100% natural, with the widest selection of colors in Estonia, and special features that the color has been achieved by using natural clays. 
We also manufacture clay CEB (compressed earth blocks) blocks and lightweight blocks for various building solutions and clay mixtures for building stoves and ovens. 
Over time, we have continued to preserve the herbage of clay buildings and natural building in general. As a result, we have created some special mixtures for the renovation and construction of the clay buildings in the form of light clay and also rammed earth.
From the lime range of products which all have been tested according to EN 998-1 . We produce base plasters, finishing- and fine finishing plasters, Lime filler for filling works, lime paint for plaster protection, mixes for masonry, special hydraulic lime mortars. We also offer Venetian-inspired Lime Stucco for floors and walls and a perfectly designed mix called Gekolakt, ideal for bathrooms and final finishes, inspired by Morocco Tadelakt.

We use mainly solar energy to make all our plasters. Our goal is to offer products with the lowest possible ecological footprint, which would help to improve the indoor climate of the room and improve indoor air quality. Saviukumaja’s goal is to create high-quality clay and lime products and to present them as the best and most decorative building materials suitable for both historical and modern interiors. Their widespread use and versatility are what fascinates us with these materials.
In addition to the production of plasters, we also sell other natural building materials. We are the official distributor of Roomaja OÜ, which manufactures its reed products in Saaremaa. The range of products includes reed boards for insulation, thin reed mats for plastering, and decorative reed and willow mats specially designed for home decoration.
We have partners all over the world. We sell natural color pigments from France and Italy and high-quality plastering tools.
We are highly focused on developing our products. There are always many different products being tested and we offer solutions in a wide range of applications. We have developed blocks and boards made from lime and hemp. The walls, which are stacked from these blocks, are warm, breathable and durable.  Also, a number of projects have been plastered using lime or clay-based insulation plasters developed by us.
We want to offer solutions similar to the concrete technique, where the walls and floors are poured from clay. It would be a natural approach to construction and is a rising trend. A new trend for the last 5 years has also been clay boards which are now widely used in Western Europe, and even the DIN standard has been developed.
The clay board resembles a gypsum board. The clay can be used on various projects and, for example, in factory buildings. The clay board accelerates the construction process because there is no waiting time for the plaster to dry. We are currently distributing and reselling clay boards made by our business partner in Germany but we will surely start producing them ourselves in Estonia.